Installation and fitting of ceilings and false ceilings in your professional spaces

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Let us install your suspended and false ceilings

Isospace is an experienced company in the installation of false or suspended ceilings for your offices, professional spaces and shops, at the best price.

We have a wide choice of techniques and materials for our ceilings and work in Paris, the Ile de France and throughout France.

The false ceiling framework

Exposed, semi-recessed or concealed metal framing (T24, T15)

The choice of tiles

Mineral fibre, mineral wool, plaster, wood or metal false ceiling tiles


The lighting can be integrated or suspended according to your needs


Why install a false ceiling in your office?

The false ceiling has become an almost indispensable part of the renovation of professional premises. It allows electrical cables and air conditioning to be hidden and concealed by passing them through the plenum (space between the concrete slab and the false ceiling).

It is also important for acoustic insulation and for the easy integration of lighting. Finally, its sound and heat insulation is proven.

Quick installation

We have a stock of false ceiling tiles and panels to start the installation and setting up of the interior design of your space very quickly.

Diversity of choice

We can offer you different colours, different materials (plasterboard, design tiles, gyptone, metacrylate, etc.) and frameworks. The aim is to personalise your premises as much as possible while keeping the budget under control.

A project manager for each site

At Isospace, your site is supervised by a works manager, who will be your contact person during the project. His objective? Your satisfaction.

Need more technical ceilings?

Isospace also installs technical ceilings which require a particular expertise:

- Acoustic ceiling with different degrees of sound absorption depending on the material for improved acoustic comfort
- Ceiling for wet rooms or rooms requiring extra hygiene (kitchen, shower, toilets, changing rooms, swimming pool, etc.)
- Fireproof ceiling
- Suspended ceiling
- Coloured and decorative ceiling
- Stretch ceiling

Do not hesitate to contact us for this type of service or for a false ceiling estimate.


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